My Child is Missing

Resources for Parents, Families and Guardians

If Your Child Runs Away or Goes Missing:

  • Immediately contact your local law enforcement agency to file a missing persons¬† report.¬†
  • There is no mandatory waiting period.
  • Then contact the Polly Klaas Foundation.

Keep The Hope Alive!

This is your time of greatest need. We can provide concrete help:

  • Professional caseworkers with over 40 years collective experience counsel you on ways to search for your child.
  • Create a personalized missing child poster for your child.
  • Post your child’s photo and poster on our website.
  • Work directly with the police handling your child¬ís case.
  • Help you work with your community, law enforcement and the media.
  • Alert the Polly Klaas Rapid Response Team consisting of thousands of volunteers across the country.

24/7 Hotline:  

Talk to a live person: 800-587-4357

We’ve been helping parents find their children since 1993.

Additional Resources to Help with Your Search: