Social Media Safety Education:

 How to Stay Safe Online & in the Real World


Our Social Media Safety program is a 45-minute intensive online course, designed for teachers to provide their 6th – 9th grade students during one classroom or homework sitting, while fulfilling the requirements of CA Education Code 51934(a), 10 (A), (B) and 11 (b). This course has a built-in testing component to ensure student comprehension.

Topics Addressed

  • Choosing when to post online, via text or apps, and why those choices matter
  • Unintended consequences of sexting and other online communications
  • The sex trafficking of minors and the dangers of running away
  • Red flags to identify online predators and how to respond
  • Potential resources for students who may have been victimized online

Currently, the Polly Klaas Foundation is able to provide this program Free of charge to schools in Sonoma, Marin, Napa and Solano Counties, thanks to the generous support of the Rip City Riders of Sonoma-Marin, and other Sonoma County-based Civic Organizations – Thank you!

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You have an exceptionally difficult job teaching your pre-teen and teen aged students. Not only are you preparing them for further education and eventual careers, but you are often helping them with issues so far outside of that realm that we wanted to be sure you have the resources necessary to help them navigate through the many social issues that are, or may potentially, affect their young lives. The best way we can do that is to provide this training course for you to use with your students.


“The Polly Klaas Foundation brought invaluable information to our school. We are located in a rural setting, which can make it difficult to schedule presenters at our school – but we are so grateful that our students had this opportunity through the Polly Klaas Foundation. It provided our students with a greater understanding of social media and the dangers of an online world that can be found anywhere.”

— Siera Taylor, Tomales Elementary School Counselor


“The Polly Klass foundation came to do an assembly with our whole middle school. Talking with students about social media safety is not an easy task. Keeping 120 adolescents focused is an even more difficult task. Every single student listened, paid attention and took in the dangers that were shared. The real life scenarios made students take a look into how they are currently using social media and how they can take steps to secure their safety. Students and teachers were talking about this presentation for a long time, and we will continue to welcome the Polly Klass foundation back to our school to continue to help keep our students safe on the web!”

— Ashley Wilson, Roseland Collegiate Prep School Counselor & Health Education Coordinator


“Speaking to students about the dangers of the internet is not an easy thing to do. We found the Polly Klaas Foundation to be the perfect messengers on this topic – their presentation was fact-based, professional and engaging. I recommend them without reservation.”

— Jason Matlon, Principal at Santa Rosa Middle School


“I am the Director of Counseling at a high school and we had the privilege of all the Freshmen and Sophomores hearing the informative and inspiring presentation. She captured their attention and gained credibility by speaking about her past work and experience. Students took to heart the knowledge they gained about the true consequences of sexting and talking to people you may not know online. I appreciated that the students left with concrete ways to change their online habits and what do when they are upset at home. I feel confident that this presentation is going to keep our students safe and help them make smarter decisions for their future.”

— Tracy Williams, Director of Counseling at Cardinal Newman High School


“The Polly Klaas Foundation spoke to our 6th graders at Lawrence E Jones Middle School. The information, focusing on personal safety both online and off, was clear and concise, with engaging videos and specific cases that really connected with our students.  Even the adults in attendance learned so much, and made us all aware of how vulnerable this age group is, as well as how to help them navigate these years safely.  I would highly recommend this presentation for students and adults alike, and we will definitely be inviting the Polly Klaas Foundation back next school year.”

— Jill Zschach, Teacher at Lawrence E Jones Middle School


“The Polly Klaas Foundation was recommended to me to be a guest speaker to my 9th Living Skills class last year. They came and spoke to my students about Internet Safety and Human Trafficking. I was really impressed how well they connected with the students, and the data and information that they brought was shocking. The stories and real-life situations that were told are so close to home and really made my students take in everything that they were saying. I would highly recommend that all Middle Schools/ 9th grade have PKF come and speak to their students. I will be having them come back to my classes as well.”

— Erica Chapin, Living Skills Teacher at Sonoma Valley High School


“I am a fourth-year high school teacher in Sonoma County. After working with them for a few years, I can confidently say The Polly Klaas Foundation does an amazing job of presenting the dangers of social media and human trafficking. Their presentations are engaging and full of necessary facts that young adults need to know to be more aware of their surroundings. I recommend their program to any teacher who is willing to explore these important issues with their students.”

— Jenna Madsen, English Teacher at Elsie Allen High School & Maria Carrillo High School


“I teach 7th grade Physical Education in Rincon Valley Middle School. I had the pleasure of having the Polly Klaas Foundation speak to our students about personal safety issues. These topics included social media safety, dangers of running away and sex trafficking of minors. The Polly Klaas Foundation has always meant a lot to me, and I am very proud our school is now continuing with this education.”

— Chris Woodbury, Physical Education Teacher at Rincon Valley Middle School


“Last year, Casa Grande 9th grade students had the pleasuring of welcoming the Polly Klaas Foundation into their classroom. In just one class period, PFK offered an insightful, engaging presentation that covered topics ranging from child trafficking to internet safety. Students walked out of the classroom with a deeper knowledge and an overall understanding that the choices they make can quickly affect the lives of themselves and the community around them.”

— Josh Hunt, Social Sciences Teacher at Casa Grande High School


“The Polly Klaas Foundation has been coming to talk with my students for 4 years about important safety topics within the social media realm, including the methods adult predators use to lure young people to run away from home for nefarious reasons. Their presentation contains concrete information that my students need to help them not only understand these issues, but also to combat the dangers they face both online and in the real world.”

— Lynne Moquete, Human Interaction Teacher at Casa Grande High School

Thank you to these organizations and businesses for your generous support of this program!