The Polly Klaas Community Theater


Preserving a Petaluma Treasure and Honoring a Young Life

The Polly Klaas Community Theater renovation is officially underway – Thanks to the generosity of our community, and in-kind partners, we reached our milestone goal of $1,000,000 for the renovation, which began earlier this year!!!

Each gift is meaningful and Every person who has helped us reach this goal, deserves to take a bow!

Our next step is to establish a fund to begin operations! For anyone who has yet to donate, please consider joining us today!

Our goal is to raise Two Hundred Thousand Dollars by the end of 2021, to ensure we have all the resources needed to run smoothly during the first few years of operations.

Don’t miss being part of this historic event!

This 110-seat gem of a theater, originally built as a church in 1911, is not only a historic part of Petaluma, it is also a much-needed performance venue that will serve our youth, and community, for generations to come!

By making a donation today, you not only ensure the Theater’s success, you also become part of honoring the life of Polly Klaas, and her love of performing arts.  

There are so many reasons to get involved – we hope you’ll join us now!

Your donation is tax-deductible, and best of all YOU will feel great on opening night, knowing you were part of making this dream come true!

To everyone who will join us today, either for the first time, or as an encore donor, thank you for your support!!!