Contact Information for Law Enforcement Professionals

24-Hour Hotline:
(800) 587-4357*

Petaluma Office:
(707) 769-1334


*If you are calling after hours please press 1 (one) to reach an operator who will connect you with a caseworker.

Recovery of a missing child

It is you, the Law Enforcement professional, who ultimately brings a missing child home. 

The Polly Klaas Foundation offers the following services to make your job easier.

  • Family assistance
  • Intake and transmission of leads
  • 24-hour hotline
  • National Flyer distribution
  • International website exposure
  • Local and national media exposure
  • Family referrals to nationwide resources
  • Referrals after the child comes home

More details regarding these recovery services.

Help with your abduction prevention programs

  • Child Safety Kits (includes Internet Safety information)
  • Link to online safety information

Click here for details on our assistance for your community service and abduction prevention programs.

Quotes from Law Enforcement

"Your flyers are consistently producing two to three leads per week and they are essentially what is keeping this investigation moving forward. Thank you for your help."
-Detective for a missing 13-year-old from Washington.

"Your involvement (in this case) had a large hand in getting him home and I am very appreciative of all of your help."
- FBI Agent