Poster Distribution Ideas

Thanks to Judy S. of Richland, NJ for these ideas.

  • I'm very active in my church and have begun distributing them to our church members. 
  • Check with your pastor or church leader to see about the possibility of printing a smaller picture in your church bulletin. 
  • If you belong to any type of social organization check to see if they will allow you to distribute to their membership.
  • Leave one or two on the table in the doctor or dentist office .
  • Post one or leave on table at the laundromat.
  • Convenience stores often have community bulletin boards.
  • Put one in your car window facing outward and people will see it while you are driving around or while your vehicle is parked in a public
    place, especially if you are working all day (lots of exposure with this method).
  • Always enlist family and friends to help (even if they can only put one in their car window).
  • Any eatery (big or small) is a potential display opportunity (check with management ahead of time, see if they will allow you to post one
    new flyer each week).
  • Having a yard sale?  Set some out on the table, encourage people to take them.
  • Going to the Flea Market?  Leave one at every table.
  • Craft Show? Again, leave one at every table.
  • **USE YOUR KIDS!  Always be with them and let them ask for permission to post a flyer (owners and managers are often much more responsive to children) REPEAT - ALWAYS BE WITH THEM!
  • **Ask if your child can bring them to school (don't be afraid to ask!).
  • **EDITOR'S NOTE: Many older and younger children were involved in the search for Polly Klaas, and found it a meaningful experience. Please be sure these activities are not too scary for your children.**
  • Use every trip you make (grocer, dry cleaner, drugstore, whatever) as an opportunity.
  • Any social function (party, shower, meeting, etc) bring the flyers with you!  Even if you can't leave them, others can look at them while
    you are there.
  • Fast food drive-thru (any kind of drive-thru), hand one to the cashier.
  • Check with local groups and organizations (even if you are not a member), to see if they will let you give them one or two each week to
    distribute amongst their membership.
  • Any group or organization that your children belong to are potential distribution points.
  • Sporting events (local or professional), offer huge potential, just start handing them out amongst the crowd until you are asked to stop by management or security.
  • In order to save paper and money, print 2 or 4 to a page and cut them (these sizes are excellent for handouts).
  • Leave one in the mailbox for your postman (they're out in the community every day!).
  • Give one to your child's bus driver.
  • Take them to work with you and post them there and/or give them to co-workers, ask them for ideas and suggestions (this will also provide a perfect opportunity to tell them about us and recruit them as new members).

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