PKF Receives Leadership Award from the US Department of Justice

    The Polly Klaas Foundation has received the prestigious Missing Child non-Profit of the Year Award for 2011.

Awarded by the Us Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention (OJJDP.)

Dec 2011

Gratitude for Your Participation in PKF's Strategic Planning

    Thanks to Our Online Members for for Participating in the 2011 SnapSurveys & Telling Us What They Think

     Summary of Responses to SnapSurveys

     Our Revised Mission

     PKF's Strategic Plan 2011-2015

Nov 2011

  eScrip Online Shopping Can Support PKF

     eScrip Online Mall Brings Donations

     Northern Calif. Residents Get Special Donation Bonus

     Bloggers, Facebook Users & Tweeters Get PKF's Support

Nov 2011

Finding Baby Claire, Her Story Continued 

     How Your Donations Helped Find Baby Claire

     Search Activities: Day 5, hourly events

     Please Donate

     Our CFC Charity Code is: 41681

Oct 2011

Innovations for Parents 

Dedicated to Polly Hannah Klaas, 1981-1993

     FBI Child ID App

     5 Reasons We Are Excited

     PKF Recommendations

Oct 2011

Finding Baby Claire, Please Donate thru the CFC

     How Your Donations Helped Find Baby Claire

     Search Activities: Day 1 thru Day 4 

     Please Donate

     Our CFC Charity Code is: 41681

Sept 2011

   Jaycee Dugard--No More Secrets 

     Jaycee's Mom Always Had Hope

     UC Berkeley Policewomen Crack the Case

     Lessons from Jaycee's Experience

 Order Your Free Child Safety Kit Today

July 2011

  Wristband Safety for You & Your Kids

     Types of Wristbands    

     Wristband Safety Tips 

June 2011

  National Missing Children's Day

“I want to thank you for your help and kindness during our search for my daughter…"

May 2011

  Protecting Japan's Tsunami Children

     Child Friendly Spaces

     Helping Your Children Cope with 
        International Emergencies   

April 2011

  Family Volunteering

     Thank You, Members

     Family Volunteering--Are Your Kids
        Interested in Distributing Missing Child Posters?

     Join Our Rapid Response Team eVolunteers:
                                 Help Find Missing Children

March 2011

  SnapSurvey #3  Social Media & Smart Phones

Feb 2011
    SnapSurvey #2  Share Your Ideas on Volunteering

Feb 2011
  Tell Us What You Think--SnapSurvey #1

Jan 2011

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