Dedicated to all Missing Children and Their Families
May 25, 2010   

Dear Friend,

Today we honor missing children.

We are especially sad since today is also the memorial service for 12-year-old Kayleah Wilson of Greeley, Colorado. Her remains were found late last week. She was a nature loving, church going, middle-schooler who was very creative. Kayleah made jewelry, drew and made bath salts with her mother. And, she loved Celtic music.

“This community rallied when Kayleah went missing,” reports her local paper The Greeley Times. “Strangers and friends alike came together to search for the girl, to pass out missing person flyers and information about Kayleah, to hold vigils in her honor. Businesses posted the flyers, citizens reported suspicious activities, everyone heightened their awareness, looking for clues as to what happened to Kayleah.

Now we need everyone to rally again, not only to give support to this grieving family and to those who love Kayleah, but to help bring justice for her death.”

Our online membership is joining us today with special actions to help keep children safe.

Parents are reviewing their free Child Safety Kits, and scheduling special times today with their children to role play the safety lessons that are most pertinent to their young lives.

As the most influential people in a young child’s life, we salute these parents for taking this action to teach their children special skills that can help keep them safe throughout their lives.

We ask all parents to join us in this action today. If you have misplaced your free Child Safety Kit, you can use this special link to review the contents.  If you would like to order your personal free Child Safety Kit, please click here.

Our Rapid Response Team eVolunteers are printing out the posters of 3 missing children. They are distributing these posters throughout their communities in public places like laundromats, bus stations, fast food restaurants, and other places a kidnapper on the run with a child might frequent.

Our RRT eVolunteers know that posters really work to help bring children home. They also know that children are often found far from home, so they distribute the posters of kids who have gone missing from places throughout the nation.

You are all invited to join us and distribute one or more of these posters in your community, Here are the links to the posters: Colt Levi ClarkHassani Campbell, and Deniese Hiraman

If you would like to join the Rapid Response Team eVolunteers to distribute missing child posters, please click here.

We are grateful for these decisive actions taken by our online members to actively keep all children safe. These actions are truly a heartfelt way of honoring our missing children. 

 We never give up hope.

lit candles representing missing children

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The Polly Klaas Foundation helps find missing children, prevents children from going missing, and promotes laws like Amber Alert that help keep children safe.

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