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This is a summary of results of the 2011 SnapSurveys of our online membership.

SnapSurvey #1--PKF Programs & Partnerships

Your comments showed how committed you are, how much you want our message spread, and ways you would like to participate. You also gave PKF information on ways we can provide more information on what we do and our effectiveness.

Members would like more information on preventing family abductions, runaways and child exploitation.

They would like additional programs like searching on-site for missing children, helping families after a missing child returns home, training law enforcement and they would like PKF to lobby elected officials on child safety issues.

Members would like PKF to expand its partnerships with educators, family courts, and crimes against children task forces.

SnapSurvey #2—Volunteer Programs

A good number of you are serious about volunteering to help find missing children, and keep children safe. Your comments gave us some great ideas, and showed your commitment to the safety of all children.

RRT members were overwhelmingly satisfied. They provided excellent ideas for improvement: they want speed, ease of information distribution, ability to share information with personal mailing lists, online classes, teams online and teams in their communities.

Community volunteering and working as a team were prevalent themes. Members were interested in community child safety meetings online and in person, participating in community fairs, becoming child safety experts & teaching others, volunteering in local after-school programs & teaching safety, helping families create safe neighborhoods, schools & communities.

Many were interested in participating in prayer groups for missing children and would like to have online group prayers as well as in person groups in their communities.

There were a good number of members who wanted to become guest speakers, write blogs, have a special Facebook page, and tweet about child safety. Additionally, members are interested in child safety legislation, and would like to sign petitions, send emails to their elected officials, and send emails to their friends on child safety issues.

These future volunteers would like to become a community themselves as they work together, and are interested in having volunteer meetings online and in person in their communities.

Members are willing to raise funds for PKF by sending emails to their friends with donation page links, etc.

SnapSurvey #3—Social Media & Smart Phones

Many members are active in social media platforms, and they text a lot. They see themselves as being able to make a difference with information we may give them.

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform, although Care2 members spoke up for their platform.

Members would like to sign-up to receive information from PKF through social media and text messaging, such as missing child alerts, safety tip of the day, volunteer updates, monthly eNews, upcoming events, relevant legislation. They would also like to share the above information with their social media friends.

Members were about evenly split on their interest in PKF having a smartphone app. A good number were interested in using a smart phone app to receive missing child alerts with poster links, as well as to receive a safety tip of the day and the Child Safety Kit order from link.

Members indicated most would prefer to donate directly from the PKF website. And, they would find it useful to heave links to Facebook and Twitter on our website.

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