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You may want to follow the recommendation of many law enforcement officials and have Child ID Cards for each of your children. 

In the privacy of your own home, you can prepare personalized Child ID Cards for your children. That way if you ever need the information, it is already in one place.

Our free Child ID Cards are both a fingerprint and DNA document. Full instructions and special forms are included:

  • Your child’s fingerprint form.
  • Instructions on how to take child fingerprints.
  • Instructions on sampling each child’s DNA.
  • The best way to store DNA samples.
  • Personal information record for your child—medications, allergies, and doctor, as well as name, birthdate, and address.
  • Current photo record.

Extra forms are available for when your address or doctor changes.

The Child ID Card is included in our free Child Safety Kit, which includes 24 pages of guidance for parents and safety tips for children. The Kit helps you build your children’s self-confidence by teaching them ways to stay safe.

Additional child safety information: