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You would be surprised how often missing children are found from their pictures on websites, flyers and in your mailbox.

We know it's emotionally tough to do, but here's how to look at these important pictures:

  • Pause
  • Silence the little voice that says, "I'd never recognize anyone"
  • Take a moment and just look—focus on facial features, not on clothing, glasses, or hair.
  • If you get the feeling you've seen the child, believe it.
  • You'll probably soon remember where and when—or you can search and other missing child databases to jog your memory.
  • Call our caseworkers at 1-800-587-4357. You can provide information anonymously or leave your name.

Several years ago, three children on a remote ranch were found through a lead from septic tank workers who just felt something was wrong, went online, and found the children's pictures.