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Please Join Us

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"My name is Susan and I live in PA. I own a gift shop and I'm next to many other shops in my small town. I can post flyers of missing children any time of the day on any given day. I believe there is power in numbers and the faster we work together, the faster we save lives. Joining this group also gives me the opportunity to pray immediately for missing children. I'm a strong believer prayer and putting hands and feet behind those prayers." - Susan K., Carroltown, Pennsylvania

"I am so glad that child was found and GREAT JOB to those who distributed her flyer, this is what is all about, finding the missing childern......KOOL!!!" - Frank H., Long Beach, California

"Doing great here!! I have posted mine at convenience stores, Walmart, pawn shops, used car dealers, beauty shops, barber shops. Places that I think someone would maybe take a child to change their appearance or purchase them clothing. The Goodwill. The Dollar Stores. Used car dealers in case they are needing to change cars quickly. All major truck stops in Tulsa and Oklahoma City that a teenager would maybe try and hitch a ride or a trucker might see a person and the child eating. In the hair dye section of the stores; I check back..if the picture is down..I replace it. I guess basically I tried to think like the person that took the child and what they may need or want; or where they go for the things they need or where they would need to get around and then put the posters in those places hoping the persons that run those business would recognize them. Face it a runaway or abductor isn't going to stay at the Marriott, lol. So I go to the shady hotels and put the posters up there. This along with the usual grocery store, Wal-mart, post office etc." Jami H., Claremore, Oklahoma

"Things are going ok, I've been able to post these posters at the post offices as well as local Wal-marts. I'm still searching for other locations when I get the chance. The laundromats are a really good idea!! Sent some emails out as well. We have a large community center I will visit to post and also the local police stations." Brian P., Warren, Michigan

You are personally making a difference.
You are joining a large group of people who are actively searching for missing children.

We Never Give Up Hope

We never give up hope.

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