Please Join Us

Please Join Us

Voluteer Today! Distribute Missing Child Flyers in Your Community 

Volunteer Today

You can personally volunteer to distribute missing child posters in your community. We can work together to help find those precious children faster. Individuals, families and groups are welcome. Volunteer opportunities are in all 50 states.

Rapid Response Team eVolunteers:

  • Receive approximately 10 emails/month, each with a link to a missing child poster.
  • Print the posters you want to distribute.
  • Distribute the posters throughout your community.
  • Decide how much time and effort you can volunteer.
  • Decide how many posters you will distribute.
  • Receive a downloadable eVolunteer Guide.
  • Email and phone contact with the Polly Klaas® Foundation.

You are personally making a difference.
You are joining a large group of people who are actively searching for missing children.

We Never Give Up Hope

We never give up hope.

Additional eVolunteer information: