Working at the Polly Klaas Foundation exposes us at times, to the worst of humanity. Each year we receive hundreds of calls from desperate parents sharing stories of heartbreak as they search for their missing child. When the phone rings we must brace ourselves for what we are about to hear, and then do all we can to help that family find their child. Sometimes, even when a child has been located, the news carries with it sadness, because the child may have been sex-trafficked. In fact 1 in 5 of our runaway cases result in the child being a victim of sex-trafficking.

What the public may not realize is that in many cases it is a good samaritan that identifies a child victim of sex-trafficking and helps by reporting what they see. It can be a waitress who sees a missing child poster, then recognizes that child getting into the back of a car, or tow truck. Or a motel clerk, or guest that sees a child going in and out of a hotel room with different adults throughout the night, and has the courage to contact law enforcement.

In addition to these unsung heroes, every once in a while, there are people out there who want to do something even more - They want to do something extraordinary - These are the angels in our midst who want to be part of the solution to end the sex-trafficking of minors in a proactive way that reaches beyond the acts of kindness from every day citizens.

Meet Kerrie Cargill Sahadi and her daughter, Kaylie McKnight, owner and operator of KC Horse Transport Company. They knew they wanted to do something major to help find missing kids, and help end human trafficking. Being entrepreneurs, they came up with a unique idea to make an incredible impact towards raising awareness of the problem, and potentially rescue victims of trafficking.

Kerrie remembered the Polly Klaas case and had reached out to the Polly Klaas Foundation (PKF) when her daughters, Kaylie and Kensie were little, to request PKF’s free Child Safety Kits. Now Kerrie and her daughter, Kaylie wanted to reach out to PKF to help find missing children, and to address the issue of sex-trafficking of minors.

Their idea was to place large vinyl posters on their entire fleet of horse transport trailers and trucks to raise awareness of the problem. When PKF’s Executive Director, Raine Howe, asked Kaylie what inspired her to contact PKF, she said “My mom taught me to do a good deed every day. Even if that means opening the door for someone, it can be a simple act, but you need to do a good deed every day. This is a good deed that will be done every day that one of the KC Horse Transport trailers is on the road!

What made their generous offer even more incredible is that they had already secured a sponsorship from Santa Anita Raceway to print the posters and place them on their fleet of trucks and trailers. 

Runaway Poster

The added piece of perfection in this partnership, is that KC Horse Transportation’s fleet travels broadly, from rural areas ranging from small towns in the State of Washington, all the way down to urban areas in Texas and Kentucky and every size of city and town in-between. KC Horse Transportation will have a huge range of exposure which is important because there is no particular size of population that is “free” of human trafficking. Their trailers will be seen for miles and miles, making this outreach campaign one of the most unique and impactful in our country.

Kerrie and Kaylie represent two generations of entrepreneurial women with hearts as big as their spirit for success, and their love of horses.  On behalf of the Polly Klaas Foundation and the hundreds of families who rely on us to find their children each year, thank you! You, along with Santa Anita Raceway help to restore our collective faith in humanity, and underscore how we all have the power to make a positive change, even under the most challenging of circumstances!

If you would like to be part of helping to find missing children please consider making a donation today!

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