February 2013

Have you seen any of these missing children?

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This month we bring you:

  • The Truth About Runaway Youth
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We are very concerned for the welfare and safety of our boys & girls who have runaway.

We care about these children just as much as we care about a child who has been abducted by a stranger.

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When a stranger abducts a child, the media follow the story closely because they know the child is in very grave danger. It’s important to know that less than 1% of all missing children have been abducted by strangers.  In fact, the NISMART-2 study indicated that each year in the United States 115 children were victims of a stranger kidnapping. We want you to know that 90% of these children who were abducted by strangers are located and returned home safely.

By far, the most prevalent type of reported missing children in the United States are runaway/thrownaway children.  According to the National Runaway Safeline (Formerly the National Runaway Switchboard,) between 1.6-2.8 million youth runaway each year in the United States.  Children can begin running as young as ages 10-14. The youngest are the most at-risk for the dangers of street life.

Unfortunately, all too often runaway youth are often considered a family problem, rather than a child welfare and societal concern—in spite of the astronomical numbers of children who runaway.

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This month our Facebook friends have been having conversations about love, bonding with your kids, learning about the world around them.

We posted the question:

Children can feel very empowered when they know more about the world around them. Be prepared to answer questions from your children and to give them the knowledge they need to act should they ever have to. What do you think kids need to know? How do you teach them? 

Here are some suggestions from our members:

  • They need to know what to look out for and how to protect themselves. A good start to teaching them is getting a free child safety kit from the Polly Klass Foundation. I thought I was telling my children what they needed to know in the best ways possible. I didn't realize I wasn't until I got a child safety kit. In addition to the child safety kit, parents need to remind children ALL THE TIME the safety lessons they've been taught
  • To listen to the little voice inside them that tells them something is not ok. Trusting their instincts will empower them to avoid unhealthy situations.
We’re so glad our friends are sharing their great ideas. Please join the conversations on our Facebook page.



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