June 2012

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Studies show that every minute counts when a child goes missing, especially the first three hours after that child is abducted.

It takes the coordinated effort of experienced law enforcement professionals, working with our veteran case managers & concerned citizens like you to recover that child within those critical hours.

It definitely takes an entire community to find a missing child…and that is why I am writing to you today. We need your continued support to ensure that missing and abducted children receive the help they need in those precious first hours. Please donate today, click here.


Technology Keeps Helping Us Find Missing Kids

We’ve come a long way since the days of missing children’s photos on milk cartons.

In fact, Polly’s poster was one of the first missing child posters to be shared through the Internet. The whole country joined in the search for Polly & she became “America’s Child.” Sadly, Polly’s story ended tragically but so much was learned to improve our methods for recovering children.

The Polly Klaas Foundation continues to grow & leverage new technologies to distribute missing child information in real time--giving a missing child significantly improved chances of being found safe.

These advances require the generous support of friends like you. Please consider becoming a monthly donor, to help us have a dependable source of income. Donate today, click here.


Our National Campaign for Amber Alerts Changed the Legal System

Our efforts to use new tools to make “America Safe for all Children” go well beyond our own recovery work. In 2002, with the help of people like you, the Polly Klaas Foundation launched the Amber Alerts Now nation-wide campaign. At that time, there were only 14 statewide plans that had safely recovered 19 children.

Over a period of two years Americans in all 50 states repeatedly sent online letters from our website to their elected officials at state & federal levels telling them to implement the Alerts. Our campaign resulted in all 50 states implementing statewide plans.

Today Amber Alerts have been credited with saving the lives of 554 missing children. We are proud of this accomplishment which empowers communities throughout the country to quickly find missing & abducted children before they are lost forever.

“I am proud of the Polly Klaas Foundation and would like to
thank the Foundation for all of the hard work they have been doing to
enact Amber Alert program.”

Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, California

The generosity of everyday people resulted in the success of the Amber Alert Now campaign. Your gift is important to us. And, if, you can, a monthly contribution will be deeply appreciated as a special gesture of your reliable support. Please donate generously today, click here.


Sharing Breaking News on Our Facebook & Twitter Pages

Your generous donations this past year enabled the Polly Klaas Foundation to launch our Social Media Campaign on Facebook and Twitter--adding dimension & power to our mission.

Now we are able to share missing child posters & photos instantaneously, each photo viewed by thousands of Facebook & Twitter users within seconds…enabling every caring person to participate as a community to help bring missing children home again.

Only a few weeks ago a missing 16 year old girl was found safe when a concerned citizen saw the child, trusted his instincts and found the child’s missing information and photo on Facebook.

This concerned citizen didn’t hesitate…he called law enforcement immediately and the child was recovered.

“Keep up the wonderful work you do to locate missing children
and bring them home to their families.”

Facebook Fan

We are thrilled with the success of this new social media effort. We know more technological advances are coming to help us work with communities throughout the nation to find missing children.

While technology increases our reach & helps us do more with less, we have not escaped the realities of an economic downturn.

We need your help now more than ever. We receive no government support. We truly rely solely on private donations from people like you.

Your Gift Helps Keep Kids Safe

We receive no government support!

Please give generously today to help us give missing children the best possible chance of being found quickly and returned home safe.. Again, please consider a convenient monthly  donation that will provide us with your support throughout the year – support that we can depend on. You can truly make a difference, click here.

Thanks for being part of our team and for giving us the chance to change the future for so many families…a future that inspires hope!

Warmest regards,

Gary Judd, Board President             Robert De Leo, Executive Director


P.S. Families throughout the nation are counting on us…

and we’re counting on you. Please give generously today, click here.

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