Dear Friend,

This is the time of year when Americans give thanks for their blessings.

We are all especially mindful of those who have suffered with Hurricane Sandy, and send our hopes that those who have lost so much will soon recover. We deeply appreciate the donations our members have made to relief organizations  to help those in need.

We are particularly grateful for the work all of you are doing in your homes and communities to keep children safe. Your daily effort  truly makes a difference one child at a time.

thanksgiving cornucopia

We want to especially thank our Rapid Response Team eVolunteers, who continue to inspire us as they receive requests to print out missing child posters, and then distribute them throughout their communities—placing them on bulletin boards. We know posters bring kids home so we are truly thankful for the work our RRT eVolunteers do every day. You are our feet on the street all across the country.

We also appreciate our Facebook members who are so active in sharing our missing child posts and safety information with others. Their comments are important to us. When we posted about a teenager who went missing, 13 people “liked” our post. As one member commented, “This is a like so that I may share on my thread with others.” Another member commented, “I am praying” for her.

Please know that your active participation in our mission encourages others to participate in keeping kids safe.

When a different teenager was found and brought home safe, 61 people liked our post, which included the following message from the Mom, "I got one of the local TV stations to air your missing poster on a blurb on the evening news at 6pm and by 6:30 pm someone recognized him and turned him in. He is home." Posters DO bring missing children home!

We began our Facebook page in March, and are pleased to tell you we now have over 1300 members. There has been steady growth over this year in membership, and with likes and comments by our members.

We are all participating in the development of an active, vibrant community of people who are actively working for the safety of all children.

We’ve enjoyed reading our members’ ideas and the discussions. We’re so pleased that our members are respectful of each other’s ideas. The more ideas that we share, the stronger and more effective we’ll become at finding missing children and keeping all children safe.

Thank you everyone, for everything you do to protect our children. We are grateful and inspired by your expressions of love, hope, and joy when a child is found, and by your deep sadness and compassion in the face of tragedy.  May you and your loved ones have a joyous Thanksgiving holiday.


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