Dedicated to All Missing Children

Dear Friend,

Today we are honoring all missing children and their families.

We invite you, our vital online community members, to join PKF and many of our non-profit and law enforcement partners across the country and around the world.

We are joining the Make Noise campaign, which is sponsored by the Association for Missing and Exploited Children’s Organizations (AMECO).

We are raising our voices to bring home missing children,
and prevent other children from harm.

Here are ways you can Make Noise:

1. TALK to your kids about safety.

2. TELL someone you trust if you have been abused, exploited, or hurt in some way.

3. And SHARE messages about missing kids to get everyone in your network involved in the issue.

Please visit the AMECO website to see
the wonderful resources you have for Making Noise
in your home and community today, National Missing Children’s Day. Click here.



In line with #3 above —“Share messages about missing children to get everyone in your network involved in the issue”—

We want to remind you to choose a missing child's webpage to share on your Facebook or Twitter page.

Here’s what we’re asking you to do to honor missing children:

1. Visit the PKF Master List of Missing Children and choose a child's webpage to share on your Facebook or Twitter page.

About our Master List of Missing Children:
Children are listed by missing date, with the most recent first. There are hundreds of kids in our List. Please feel free to find a long term missing child for your personal campaign.

2. Urge your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to share this missing child’s webpage on their page.

Our goal will be 25 shares for each missing child. Imagine the number of people who will be seeing each child’s picture.

3. Follow up with your friends and ask them to share your chosen child with their friends.

You can make a difference in bringing a child home.

We thank you for all your support. You make a real difference. To us, to the families, and to the kids.

And by talking to the children in your lives about safety, you are making a very meaningful difference in their lives.

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