February 2012

Have you seen any of these missing children?

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This month we bring you:

  • These Children Acted Fast!
  • How the Child Safety Kit Came Into Being
  • What You Can Do to Help Us Spread the Word



The boy said he was walking to the school bus stop when a man walking his dog approached him, “I was walking, and he told me to go with him and I ignored him and just kept going.” Ignoring the man did not make the man go away.

“He told me, ‘Come with me or I am going to kill you,’ and I got scared.” The boy thought the man pulled out a knife, so the boy ran home and told his mother.

Not to be deterred the potential kidnapper turned his attention to a girl who had been walking to the bus stop. He started chasing the girl, who was also able to get home to her mom.


We are grateful these fast acting children from Belen, New Mexico were able to run away from their potential kidnapper and tell their moms what had happened. The children are now safe, even though local law enforcement has not been able to locate a suspect.

This is exactly why we encourage families to order our free Child Safety Kit. So parents can train their kids what to do if they are ever approached in this manner. The New Mexican children did the right thing, they ran to safety and told their moms what had happened. Their moms took over and reported the incidents to the authorities.

Our Child Safety Kit also helps parents train their kids on how to respond to dangerous adult behaviors, such as, if any adult or older kid:

  • Offers anything without first asking the parent
  • Asks for your help without first asking the parent
  • Asks a child to keep a secret
  • Touches private parts

If you already have a Child Safety Kit, we recommend you review those safety lessons with your children and continually play the “What if” game described in the Kit.

If you need a free Child Safety Kit, please order one today. We want your children to be safe..

     If you live in the US, please click here for your Child Safety Kit.

     If you live outside the US, please click here for your Child Safety Kit.

Remember, each Child Safety Kit has a Fingerprint and DNA Document that you can fill out in the privacy of your own home.

We thought you might want to see a news report interviewing the brave boy at the beginning of our story, click here.



We are honored that parents across the country & around the world come to us for help in learning ways to keep their kids safe.

Here’s the story of how our free Child Safety Kit came into being.

In the first years after Polly Klaas was kidnapped, parents would call or write asking for ways to keep their kids safe.

One of our founding board members, Marge Ford, began compiling safety tips. She typed up a page, and copies were sent to those requesting information.

About 15 years ago, Marge had enough information that she created the first Child Safety Kit. Little did she know how the Kit would grow over time, and how many families would benefit from her idea.

We have always updated our Child Safety Kit, adding information for parents on age appropriate safety measures, family abductions and Internet safety, etc. We eventually printed the Kit, creating a professional booklet parents could refer to over time.


Before the Internet, parents from all over the country & from around the world would send us letters requesting their Kit, or they would call us on the phone.

They found out about our Child Safety Kit from newspaper & magazine articles, their insurance agents, day care centers, local police, local safety fairs, from hospitals when a new baby was born and by word of mouth from one parent to the next.

As the volume of requests increased, we increased the numbers of staff members who handled the Child Safety Kit requests.

Each week our office was overrun with local high school students who volunteered to assemble the Child Safety Kits, put them in envelopes, and attach mailing labels. One of our administrative staff members would then take the Kits to the post office to be mailed.


In early 2005, everything changed. We had upgraded our website, and put up our first online order form for our free Child Safety Kit.

At the end of January we were bombarded with orders! It was astonishing. We didn’t know how these parents found us. We actually emailed 10 people who ordered their Kits asking them how they found us. They had seen our link on websites for moms.

At the end of February, 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford was abducted from her home in Florida. After an intense 3 week search that was watched by people throughout the nation, her remains were found and her kidnapper arrested.

While our professional case workers worked with Jessica’s family and law enforcement to find her, many parents fearfully searched the Internet for ways to keep their children safe. They found our online Child Safety Kit order form, and thousands of Kits were ordered in a very short period of time.

We weren’t prepared for this deluge of orders. We didn’t have enough Kits. We mailed out all the Kits in our inventory. It was clear we had to create a new system to meet future emergencies.

We redesigned our Child Safety Kit into the booklet format you know today. We printed large numbers of Kits so we were prepared for massive orders, and we made arrangements with a mail house to send out the Kits expeditiously.


Parents now find out about our free Child Safety Kit order form from links all over the Internet.

Bloggers write articles about the Kit and include the link, businesses provide the link knowing it can help their customers.

Parents put the link in their Facebook or Twitter posts, and in posts they make in online forums.

We’ve seen our link in online news stories, and on school and law enforcement websites. We’ve also got a Google Grant, so we’ve got ads up on Google for our Child Safety Kits.


We’ve delivered well over 400,000 Child Safety Kits to parents. Each year we deliver thousands more. We are grateful for this opportunity to help children and their parents keep safe.



The power of your personal recommendation is tremendous.

We depend on you, our online members, to help spread the word about our free Child Safety Kits to every parent, grandparent, aunt and uncle you know.

  • You can email people you know with the link to the online order form (see below.)
  • You can also let others know by putting the link on your Facebook page or Twitter.
  • If you blog, please write a blog post about the Kit, or post the link in any online forum you belong to.
  • Schools and businesses please place the link on your websites and let parents know about it.

The important thing is to re-post every 3-4 months so people can have many opportunities to act. They may be busy and distracted the first 2 times they see it, but the third time may be the one that gets the order.

This is the best way to do things—by personal referral from trusted friends or a trusted website. Our goal is to keep as many children safe as we can.

Your help will make a difference in the lives of many children. 

Link to the free online Child Safety KIt order form: https://secure.pollyklaasaction.org/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=130

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