July 2012

Have you seen any of these missing children?

Alexander Silverstone
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 Carleigh Harrison
 Savannah Henderson
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Now’s the time to remind yourself & your children of your summer safety program. Perhaps you might even want to add a few new safety practices to your bag of tricks!

Here are some important safety ideas for you to remember.

  • It’s important to keep track of your children as they enjoy their playtime during these summer months. A basic rule is that they should be able to see you, and you should be able to see them.
  • If children are playing in the neighborhood, running around having fun, make sure there is at least one adult who takes responsibility for watching them. This can become a cooperative neighborhood “project”. 
    • While children may object to being watched, deep down they will know that you care. That makes all the difference in the world to them, and to the other children you are watching.
    • While watching your children, you can be on the alert for:
      • Making sure helmets are worn when riding scooters, bikes, skateboards, etc.
      • Dangers that can lead to injuries
      • Fights & squabbles
      • Bullying
      • Overheating  
      • Adults who are behaving in suspicious or dangerous ways—to learn more click here.
  • If you are the only one watching your children, you should consider establishing geographic boundaries that keep them in your line of vision. If they want to head off to another part of the neighborhood, you can set up rules so that they need to first get your permission. Before giving permission, you may want to call ahead to make sure someone will be there watching the children play.
  • Some moms have discovered that the best way to keep track of their children is to make their home the play-headquarters. It’s extra work, but then you know your children and their friends are safe.
  •  Establish times for your children to check in with you, like coming home for lunch, important water breaks, fruit snacks, additional sunscreen applications, a reminder of the day’s schedule, and dinner.
    • Getting your child inside for even 15 minutes can help you pump fresh water into them so their internal body temperature can cool down before heading out again in the heat.
    • Sunscreen, hats & sunglasses can make a real difference to your child’s health.
  • Let your children know:
    • Your neighborhood boundaries
    • Whose homes they may visit
    • Who to call and where to go in an emergency
  • Remind them that playground equipment, whether plastic or steel, absorbs the heat—so on a hot day the jungle gym & slide can actually burn them. Emergency rooms are familiar with this type of injury.
  • Be aware of the outside temperatures and the times when it’s just too hot for anyone to safely be outside.
  • Always listen to your child. Your listening will make a real difference to them and build their self-confidenceand their trust.
  • Always tell  them that you love them and you will always care for them, no matter what. Every child needs that kind of constant reassurance.

Our best wishes for a fun & safe summer!

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