November 2012

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Our hearts go out to the astonishing numbers of children and families who are suffering from Hurricane Sandy’s race across the 20 eastern states.

This hurricane’s force brought damage from flooding, wind, rain, snow, and fire, forcing hundreds of thousands to evacuate their homes. Many people are just now coming to realize the devastation this storm has brought to their homes, neighborhoods, schools, businesses & livelihoods.

Many will have months of cleanup and restoration. Others will find their homes, neighborhoods, schools, and businesses completely destroyed. These people need all the fortitude they can muster.

And they need help. Children need safe places to be, they need schools and homes.

As we have done with previous natural disasters, we are urging you as individuals & families to donate to specific disaster relief agencies that focus on caring for children and their families.


Save the Children

Many of you are familiar with Save the Children, which addresses the needs of children before, during and after a disaster, and providing kid-friendly relief supplies and other essential support.

“Hurricane Sandy impacted millions of lives, forcing many families in high-risk areas to flee from their homes and seek safety in shelters. Here at Save the Children, we know from experience that children are always the most vulnerable in any emergency situation…We continue to put the unmet needs of children and their caregivers first,” said Carolyn Miles, Save the Children ‘s President and CEO.

They are already on the ground in New Jersey and other high impact areas assessing needs and preparing to build their well-known Child Friendly Spaces. These are special places where children affected by Sandy can play, sing and socialize with their peers—and regain a sense of normalcy in difficult times.

Save the Children also provides special programs that build upon children’s natural abilities to recover from a disaster, and help caregivers cope during this difficult time and support their children. Children can be kept safe during the day in these Child Friendly Spaces, so parents can focus on finding support and services to can begin rebuilding their lives.


American Red Cross

Nearly 11,000 people spent Monday night in more than 250 Red Cross shelters across 16 states.

“Our first priority is to get people the help they need—providing families and individuals with a safe place to stay and food to eat…We expect to be working with a variety of partners to help people for the next several weeks,” said Charley Shmimanski, senior vice president of Disaster Services.

As of Tuesday morning, the Red Cross had mobilized 1,700 disaster workers from all over the country who are serving tens of thousands of meals and snacks. They’ve also activated 167 response vehicles and shipped in more than 230,000 ready-to-eat-meals.

They expect to be providing services as long as they are needed, and are mindful of providing safe environments for children and their families.

In a New Jersey Red Cross shelter, one of the first things 15-year-old Amber Berthe did after waking up from her second night in the shelter was head to the animal dormitory for her fuzzy white dog, Tara, to give Tara her morning walk.  “She’s used to being by my side,” said Amber.


Both of these agencies are providing safe places for children and their families. By caring for the children, their parents can begin focusing on finding support and services to can begin rebuilding their lives.

These children need your immediate help.

We urge you, as people who are actively concerned about the safety of children to donate to either
Save the Children or the Red Cross


Donate to Save the Children, click here

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Donate to the Red Cross, click here

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