January 2012

Have you seen any of these missing children?

Tykeria Rattler
 Karissa Schell
 Ayla Reynolds
 Crystal Flores
 Jahessye Shockley


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This month we bring you:

  • Being Prepared to Help Others
  • PKF Recommendations for Being Prepared to Help Others



You may be reading our eNews emails for information on ways to keep your kids safe. That's wonderful , because it is important to us that we whelp you keep them safe.

We also know that when unexpected things happen, you may suddenly discover you’re the person who knows what to do next.

If there’s a family abduction, a missing child, an Amber Alert, or a teen runs away, you may be able to immediately help family members, friends, and community members.

We have two wonderful examples of people just like you. They found themselves in situations where they knew what to do.

Susana (not her real name) is a longtime online PKF member. Like many of you, she received our free Child Safety Kit. She taught her child our lessons on ways to stay safe. Susana emailed us with this story of how she was able to help her friend in a time of need.

Susana has a friend, we will call Amanda. Amanda’s ex-husband kidnapped his own son from Amanda’s custody. Amanda immediately called 911 to report this family abduction. Local law enforcement was quick to respond. (We always recommend calling 911 first in an emergency.)

Amanda also called her friend, our longtime online member Susana. Susana told Amanda that the Polly Klaas Foundation helps parents find their children who have gone missing either because of a family abduction, or a stranger abduction or if the child has runaway.

She gave Amanda our 24/7 Help Line number, 800-587-4357, and our website address www.PollyKlaas.org. Susana strongly encouraged her to call our professional case workers for assistance.

In this case, all turned out well. Local law enforcement responded quickly and effectively. Amanda’s son was found and recovered that same day. He’s fine now.

Our next example of pro-active community members are two hotel employees in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. They responded to an Amber Alert in their area. These hotel employees saw the Amber Alert photos of  two young children on a newspaper website.

We can only imagine their surprise when these hotel employees saw the children leaving their hotel in the company of an adult male. As the man and the children left the hotel in their car, these concerned hotel employees called the police. The police responded quickly and the children were recovered.

We want you to be prepared to step in and help when you can.
You have valuable information that can make a real difference in the life of a child and a family in crisis.



Here are some resources so you can be ready to help at a moment's notice.

♦  Sign up to receive local Amber Alerts on your phone, click here. You may want to pass this information on to others who are concerned about missing children.

♦  If you have an iPhone, install the FBI Child ID app and fill it out for your own children. Tell other iPhone users that this is available.

♦  Put your local Police Department or Sheriff's Office in your phone's contact list. You can call their public information number (not the emergency number) to find out the specific phone number for someone to report a missing child.

♦  Put the Polly Klaas Foundation in your contact list. Our 24/7 Help Line is 800-587-4357. Our email for reporting missing children is missingchildren@pollyklaas.org. Our phone is answered 24/7.

♦  Be sure to tell people about our free Child Safety Kit. You can tell them they can teach their children ways to keep safe while not scaring themselves or their children. Here is the order form link.

It takes a community to keep our children safe.
It takes people who know what to do.
People like you.



People like you help us find
missing children. 
Make a generous donation today. 
We receive no government funding.



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