Dear Friend,  

During this time of year, many families have the tradition of expressing what they are grateful for.

Here at the Polly Klaas Foundation we have many things to be grateful for especially when children have been returned safely back to their families. We are also  grateful to all our online members who participated in our 3 online surveys last January, February, and March.

You, our online members, are very important to us. Your answers to our questions, and your comments in those SnapSurveys played a big part  in our strategic planning process. Everyone participating in the planning process read your responses and discussed them at length.

The SnapSurvey results were worked up into pie charts and bar charts, and all your comments were loaded into excel spreadsheets.

Thank You for

Raised Hands 
Telling Us What
You Think!

They were discussed by the Polly Klaas Foundation Board of Directors, invited past presidents, staff, long-time volunteers, and key advisors during a series of meetings.

A summary of your responses is available on our website, click here.

We are grateful for your wonderful ideas and all that you shared with us. We are inspired by your dedication and your actions to keep children safe. We are pleased to hear ways we can improve, and new ways you want to participate in finding missing children and keeping all children safe.

Our revised mission reflects this:

The Polly Klaas Foundation is a national nonprofit dedicated to the safety of all children, the recovery of missing children, and public policies that keep children safe in their communities.

Our strategic planning process began in Sept 2010 and took 10 months to complete. The process included an in depth review of our programs, an analysis of our operations and support functions, an examination of agency policies, extensive research on trends in the field, direct interviews with colleagues in the lay and professional communities, as well as the SnapSurveys with our online members.

The new strategic plan was adopted by the full Board of Directors on July 19, 2011. You can view the plan on our website, please click here

We are grateful for your support, and for your dedication to the safety of all children. We wish you and your families the best during this holiday season.

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