February 2011

Have you seen any of these missing children?



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This month we bring you:

  • eScrip Online Shopping Can Support PKF
  • Northern California residents Get Special Donationion Bonus
  • Bloggers, Facebook Users & Tweeters--Support from PKF



We’re always on the lookout for new ways you can support the Polly Klaas Foundation that will also be a benefit to you.

We’re now partnering with eScrip, so you can now easily do your online shopping with over 1000 brand name merchants. Based on the amount of your purchases, and each merchant’s donation rate, the merchants will make donations to the Polly Klaas Foundation.

These donations can be put to use immediately. They will keep our caseworkers available for parents who are searching for their missing children, and keep the Child Safety Kits and other child safety information being delivered to parents everywhere.

There are 2 different ways you can do your normal online shopping and have your merchants make donations to PKF. You get to choose the way that works best for you. Click here for more information.

By using the online mall, PKF receives donations from over 1000 name brand merchants for up to 16% of your purchases. You shop from the same websites you know and trust. You pay exactly the same price.

Please be assured your privacy is guaranteed, the specific items you buy are not recorded in any way. Just the total you spend with each merchant, so the merchant can make the donations to the Polly Klaas Foundation.

We’re counting on you to be sure to click the link on our homepage and start all your online shopping with us.

Let’s make sure the Polly Klaas Foundation receives some big donations from these very generous online merchants—like  Amazon.com, Apple Store, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Disney, Gap, Home Depot, Nordstrom, Old Navy, PetSmart, Radio Shack, Sony and Toys R Us.

Just to get you started, we’re including the link here in this eNews, Just click on the link below.

Happy Shopping!

escrip online mall



Over 33 independent grocery markets in Northern California have eScrip community cards and programs. You can easily join these programs, do your grocery shopping, and have your grocery store’s donations go to the Polly Klaas Foundation.

Click here to see the list of Northern California stores with eScrip Community Card programs. You can print out the short information form and take it to the store’s manager. The cost of your purchases can then be used as the basis for the store’s donations to the Polly Klaas Foundation. We are truly grateful for your support!



We’re grateful to all our online members for the amazing work you are doing to help keep children safe and to find missing children.

We know you are dedicated to finding missing children and keeping kids safe. You can make a real difference by highlighting our website content on your blog, Facebook wall, or by Tweeting.  Doing this in an ongoing basis throughout the year can be very helpful to your friends and their kids.

We’ve set up a resource page that may be of assistance to you, http://www.pollyklaas.org/media/ . In fact, we suggest you bookmark it.

Please take some time to click on the links so you can acquaint yourself with this resource page. You’ll be reminded of some resource pages you already know about. And you’ll find some new information on other pages.

Please be sure to attribute the source of your content to PKF, and provide links for your readers

We hope all of you will join the Rapid Response Team eVolunteers, who distribute posters of missing children. With agreement of the parents and law enforcement, we place a missing child’s photo and poster on our website. We then send an email to all our eVolunteers to distribute the missing child poster throughout their communities.

When you join the RRT, you’ll get those emails along with a link to the missing child poster, and you can post that information online.

We are always looking for ways to increase the visibility of our missing child information. We do have one request, however.

It’s been our experience that the vast majority of missing children get found. When they are found, their missing status and photo do not get changed on the websites/Facebook pages/tweets about them.

As a courtesy to the privacy of our families and our no-longer-missing kids, we request that their photos not be placed online, but instead you place a link to our missing child poster for each missing child. When a child is found, or the case is otherwise resolved, our caseworkers replace the missing child poster with a notice that the case has been resolved.

We wish you every success with your endeavor to help find missing children and keeping kids safe. Please remember our hotline is open 24/7 (800- 587-4357).  Should you receive any leads regarding any missing child, our caseworkers are available to handle that information.

Thanks for joining us in this important work. You are part of a large group of people working to find missing children.




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Our free Child Safety Kit is sub-titled "How to teach abduction prevention without scaring your child (or yourself)" and includes 24 pages of guidance for parents.

If you live in the US, please click here for your Child Safety Kit.

If you live outside the US, please click here for your Child Safety Kit 

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