Your Generous Donations Please

Dec 2010

    Thanksgiving Gratitude

     Keeping Your Family Safe

     Elizabeth Smart's Strength & Courage

Nov 2010

      Halloween Safety & Fun

     Plan Your Weekend Ahead of Time

     Plan Your Trick or Treating Route

     Make Sure Your Children are Costumed Safely

     Be Visible & Present for the Children
        Throughout the Halloween Experience

     Prepare Your Children for Halloween Safety

     Please Distribute Missing Child Posters

October 201

  Member Innovations Help Protect Our Children

      Gammy Patrol

      Neighbohood Watch

      Safety Kit Parties

October 2010

We're Participating in the 2010 Combined Federal Campaign 

     Our Charity Code is: 41681   

Sept 2010


 Helping Your Children Know
What to Do

      Personal Safety Decisions

      Create New Brain Scripts 

      "What If" Game Example

August 2010

 Cyberbully Info for You & Your Teens

     Teens and the Online World

     Cyberbullies & Their Victims

     Legal Remedies

     Online Cyberbully Resources for You

     Capital One® Provides a New Way to
Find Missing Children

July 2010
 Help Us Find Missing Children  

June 2010
Today is National Missing Children's Day, 2010

May 2010

    Preparing for National Missing Children's Day

     Participation Opportunities for Parents

     Participation Opportunities for Rapid
        Response Team eVolunteers

May 2010

 Family Time Helps Keep Children Safe

"Children who are listened to are less likely to seek approval from inappropriate people."

April 2010

 Remembering Amber Dubois & Chelsea King


     Our Members Speak

     What You Can Do    

March 2010

 Crisis in Haiti--Protecting Haiti's Children

     Focus on Protecting Children Who Have Been
        Separated From Their Families

     Save Spaces for Children

     Family Tracing

     Reuniting Children and Families

Jan 2010

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