February 2017

February News - Angels on Horseback

January 2017

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month

The Holidays Are Over … Now What?

December 2016

When a Non-Custodial Parent Does Not Return a Child after a Weekend or Holiday Visit

It’s Not About the Hair – It’s About the Manners

So Your Tweenager Wants A Smartphone

November 2016

5 Ideas to Create a Memorable and Safe Holiday

5 Tips for Planning a Less Stressful Holiday Season

10 Tips to Keep Your Children Safe This Halloween

April 2013

Welcome from New Executive Director, Raine Howe

Mar 2013

Running Away Can Be Dangerous

Runaway child is at risk for sexual exploitation

Every child is important

Feb 2013

The Truth About Runaway Youth

Between 1.6-2.8 million youth runaway each year in the US

Discussing the Runaway Myth

Facebook Friends discuss being prepared to give kids the knowledge they need

Jan 2013

New System for Cell Phones to Receive Amber Alerts

Amber Alerts in your community now come directly to your cell phones

Facebook Friends discuss "What if" questions

Dec 2012

You Can Help Reunite Children with Their Parents

Our team of caring, experienced caseworkers is available 24/7 for parents in need

Helping Your Kids with the Newtown Tragedy

Our prayers our with the families

You need support

Addressing your children's school safety concerns

Building emotional resiliency

Do Your Online Shopping with PKF

Help find missing kids while you shop

Nov 2012

We are Grateful

We are grateful for the work you are doing to keep children safe

You Encourage Us

We are encouraged by those of you who have joined our efforts

Oct 2012

Hurricane Sandy Children Need Your Help

Our hearts go out ot the children & families who are suffering from Hurricane Sandy

We Turn Anguish into Action

When a parent reaches out to PKF for help

Today is the 19th Anniversary of Polly Klaas' Kidnapping

We thank you for being an important part of Polly's legacy.

Sept 2012

Abducted & Missing Children's Recovery Project

Help keep our child find services free for those in need

Aug 2012

Teens Using the Internet

Parents are the biggest influence

Teens hiding their online behavior

July 2012

Mid Summer Safety & Fun

Safety ideas for your summer safety program

June 2012

You Can Make a Difference

Technology helps us find missing kids

Amber Alerts have changed the legal system

Sharing breaking news on Facebook & Twitter

May 2012

Today is National Missing Children's Day 2012

AMECO's Make Noise Campaign

PKF's viral Missing Kids on Facebook Campaign

Missing Kids on Facebook/Twitter--Let's go Viral

Chose a missing child from our list

Urge your friends to share this missing child's webpage

April 2012

Join Us on Facebook & Twitter

We're building a community on Facebook & Twitter

Supporting Families After Their Child Returns Home

Supporting Families with Recovered Children

PKF Family Assistance Program

March 2012

Japan Tsunami Update--1 Year Later

Tsunami Statistics & Accomplishments

Radiation Dangers Affect Daily Life

Responses to Families' Needs

Gratitude & Resilience

Feb 2012

These Children Acted Fast!

These Children Acted Fast!

How the Child Safety Kit Came Into Being

What You Can Do to Spread the Word

Your help will make a difference in the lives of many children.

Jan 2012

Being Prepared to Help Others

Knowing What to Do Next

Reporting a Family Abduction

Seeing an Amber Alert Child

It takes a community to keep our children safe

Dec 2011

PKF Receives Leadership Award from the US Department of Justice

The Polly Klaas Foundation has received the prestigious Missing Child non-Profit of the Year Award for 2011.

Awarded by the Us Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Deliquency Prevention (OJJDP.)

Nov 2011

Gratitude for Your Participation in PKF's Strategic Planning

Thanks to Our Online Members for for Participating in the 2011 SnapSurveys & Telling Us What They Think

Summary of Responses to SnapSurveys

Our Revised Mission

PKF's Strategic Plan 2011-2015

eScrip Online Shopping Can Support PKF

eScrip Online Mall Brings Donations

Northern Calif. Residents Get Special Donation Bonus

Bloggers, Facebook Users & Tweeters Get PKF's Support

Oct 2011

Finding Baby Claire, Her Story Continued

How Your Donations Helped Find Baby Claire

Search Activities: Day 5, hourly events

Please Donate

Our CFC Charity Code is: 41681

Innovations for Parents

Dedicated to Polly Hannah Klaas, 1981-1993

FBI Child ID App

5 Reasons We Are Excited

PKF Recommendations

Sept 2011

Finding Baby Claire, Please Donate thru the CFC

How Your Donations Helped Find Baby Claire

Search Activities: Day 1 thru Day 4

Please Donate

Our CFC Charity Code is: 41681

July 2011

Jaycee Dugard--No More Secrets

Jaycee's Mom Always Had Hope

UC Berkeley Policewomen Crack the Case

Lessons from Jaycee's Experience

Order Your Free Child Safety Kit Today

June 2011

Wristband Safety for You & Your Kids

Types of Wristbands

Wristband Safety Tips

May 2011

National Missing Children's Day

“I want to thank you for your help and kindness during our search for my daughter…"

April 2011

Protecting Japan's Tsunami Children

Child Friendly Spaces

Helping Your Children Cope with International Emergencies

March 2011

Family Volunteering

Thank You, Members

Family Volunteering--Are Your Kids Interested in Distributing Missing Child Posters?

Join Our Rapid Response Team eVolunteers: Help Find Missing Children

Feb 2011

SnapSurvey #3 Social Media & Smart Phones

SnapSurvey #2 Share Your Ideas on Volunteering

Jan 2011

Tell Us What You Think--SnapSurvey #1

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