A&E will air the biography of the actress Winona Ryder on November 16th 12 PM EST. The analysis of her life depicts her as a very sensitive, generous and talented Artist.

Winona moved to Petaluma, CA when she was about 10 years old, and lived here during her teen years. Winona provides a personal glimpse into how she was personally affected by Polly Klaas' kidnapping.

Included in her biography are 5 minutes dedicated to Polly Klaas. The search for Polly is featured, and includes Winona's offer of a $200,000 reward for Polly's safe return. Winona also discusses why she dedicated her performance in the movie "Little Women" to Polly.

This is a very well produced piece and is recommended viewing for everyone interested in the search for Polly Klaas.

The Polly Klaas® Foundation was instrumental in this production and we are grateful to A&E for bringing Polly's memory to light during the 15th year anniversary of her kidnapping.

Broadcast date: Sunday, November 16.
Broadcast time: 12 noon.
Station: A&E.