Polly Klaas® Foundation Partners with Squidoo.com to Offer Free, Fun Way to Share Positive Messages about Child Safety and Abduction Prevention

Innovative Contest Gives the Public Opportunities to Share their Concerns for Missing Children and Keeping Children Safe.

Glena Records, Polly Klaas Foundation, (707) 769-4050
Jill Gordon, Squidoo.com, (917) 981-8214

Petaluma, CA, February 28, 2007: The Polly Klaas® Foundation and Squidoo.com have joined forces to create the first “Polly Klaas® Foundation/Squidoo Lens Contest,” [Link to www.squidoo.com/pollyklaas/hq] where child safety advocates everywhere are invited to set up their very own free Web pages (called “lens”) to spread the word on child safety or simply to share a facet of their lives.

It doesn’t cost a dime, just a little time. Each lens will help get the word out about child safety, and raise funds that support all the Foundation’s services, including its 24-hour hotline for parents of missing children.

Contestants are invited to build a lens in one of two categories. They can:
• “Join the Child Safety Team” by creating lenses that tell others about the Foundation’s internationally recognized child safety information.
• Or, “Share Your Hopes and Hobbies” by building a lens that shares something they enjoy.

The contest begins on February 28, 2007 and closes on March 20. The top three lenses in each category will be recognized on www.pollyklaas.org and www.squidoo.com at the end of March.

“Every time someone builds a lens on our Squidoo headquarters site, they generate support for the Polly Klaas® Foundation. We are thrilled with the potential of that network. But more important to us is the opportunity to share our positive child safety messages with thousands of new potential supporters,” said Glena Records, Director of Communications for the Polly Klaas® Foundation. “We are delighted to be working with Squidoo.”

Build a lens at www.squidoo.com/pollyklaas/hq. Help find missing children and make sure parents know how to keep their kids safe.

“It’s hard to talk about missing children," said Squidoo.com founder and bestselling author Seth Godin, "but it's easy to help the cause. By making a free Squidoo page--about your loved one, or just about your hobbies, passions, or the family dog--you're casting an important net of awareness all across the web."

About Squidoo
Squidoo LLC was founded by bestselling author, noted blogger, speaker and Original Squid, Seth Godin. The stated function of the site is to enable extraordinary people to painlessly engage in philanthropy by building web pages about any topic of their choosing. Nearly 50% of Squidoo’s users donate the royalties they earn from the site to charity. Nonprofit Squidoo partners include Oxfam, Save the Children, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, roomtoread.org, and 65 other well-known organizations.

About the Polly Klaas® Foundation
The Polly Klaas® Foundation, www.pollyklaas.org, is a national non profit committed to the recovery of missing children and the development and promotion of child abduction prevention programs. It offers a 24/7 hotline 365 days a year for families with missing children,  and prevention/education tools including Child Safety Kits and Internet Safety Kits. The Foundation works closely with law enforcement professionals to find missing children and with policymakers on critical child safety legislation, such as Amber Alert. The Polly Klaas® Foundation is dedicated to the safety of all children.