Dedicated to Polly Hannah Klaas 1981-1993

Dear Friend,

Today marks the 17th anniversary of Polly Klaas’ kidnapping. She would be 29 years old, if she were still with us.

One of the members of the original search team recently remarked that the 2 months of intense searching by almost 4000 volunteers was a response by the Petaluma community to a vital threat to one of its own.

Today we talk about community members who are protecting their own with some new and innovative ideas.

Our members often ask this simple question: How can I integrate child safety into my everyday life?

The ideas have blossomed and are exciting, innovative, and SIMPLE!

Here are just a few of the actions offered up by our members, volunteers, and other folks dedicated to keeping not only their own kids, but ALL kids safe.



Rose lives in Novato, California and is a grandmother of seven. She took it upon herself to recruit stay at home moms and dads and retirees in the neighborhood to join her in watching out for the safety of neighborhood kids.

Her request was simple and informal:

During those hours children are walking to and from school,

  1. Sit on your front porch, or
  2. Take a walk or jog around the neighborhood.

Each day Rose sits on her porch and quietly watches children walking home from school.

Rose and her neighbors are doing their part to keep the neighborhood kids safe…and sending this clear message to any predators….”Not in my neighborhood & not on my watch!"



Rose’s idea was simple and informal. Some of our members may be interested in a more formal program to help keep their neighborhood kids safe. You can set up a Neighborhood Watch Program. We recommend looking at, which has a process with 5 simple steps:

  1. Recruit & organize as many neighbors as possible
  2. Contact your local law enforcement agency & request that an officer come to one of your scheduled meetings
  3. Discuss community concerns & develop an action plan
  4. Hold regular meetings and trainings
  5. Implement a phone tree & take action steps has helpful information and training materials that have helped many community members across the country.



We’ve all either heard of or belong to a book club. Book clubs are a great way for neighbors and friends to get together and discuss common interests.  Why not make the book of the week the Polly Klaas® Foundation Child Safety Kit? This Kit has 24 pages of guidance to parents, an a lot of ideas for discussion.

Members have expressed much interest in hosting a “Safety Kit Party,” a social event where those who share the common goal of keeping the community’s children safe can:

  1. Discuss the Safety Kit itself.
  2. Share personal stories relating to child safety.
  3. Discuss new and innovative ways to keep the neighborhood children safe.

We have also heard of church groups meeting around our Child Safety Kit.

Our members are always coming up with new ways to integrate child safety into their every day lives. Please know your simple actions can make a huge difference in the lives of children in your community.


In honor of this anniversary, we are including this link to the complete Child Safety Kit so you and your community can access it easily. Please click on the image below.


We want you to know we appreciate all your work to keep children safe.
Thank you very much.

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