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We have recently honored missing children and their families on the 30th anniversary of National Missing Children's Day, May 25, 2010.

This official day was established by President Ronald Reagan to acknowledge the disappearance of six-year-old Etan Patz, who went missing from the streets of New York City. He has never been found.

In 1984, Canada recognized this day as well. Now, communities in both countries and elsewhere in the world are raising public awareness to the harsh reality of missing children.

We are reminded that each day many families are faced with the persistent heartache and uncertainty over the fate of their missing child. Their journey is a lonely one. Hope is something they need to hold on to.


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We Never Give Up Hope

Since Polly's kidnapping 17 years ago, all of us at the Foundation have come to fully understand that hope is essential for families as they search for their missing child.

Hope, coupled with the persistent and effective coordination of available resources, enables parents and law enforcement professionals to find missing children.
Even if it takes months and sometimes years.

The happy news is that although thousands upon thousands of children go missing every year, most of them are found…but only with hope, determination and your unwavering support.

You, our online members, have generously donated to help us continue to be an oasis of hope for families searching for their children.

We have taken further steps to become a key resource to parents for free abduction prevention education materials. We make these materials available throughout the country and the world to parents, law enforcement professionals, schools, churches and the general public.

Through the years our work with legislators, educators and researchers has helped to develop policies and critical resources to protect children from harm.

Your donations have made this possible.

Your continued commitment:

  • Maintains our 24-hour emergency hotline.
  • Enables us to distribute thousands of flyers and faxes of missing children.
  • Inspires a team of caring, professional caseworkers who reunite families.

Our website has grown exponentially. It is a dynamic and reliable source of prevention education information and updates on the status of missing children in the US. Every year thousands of Child Safety Kits and Internet Safety Kits are sent to families, police departments and community-based organizations. Most importantly, since 1993 we have helped over 7,700 families find their missing children.

All of this happened because of the support of people who care - people like you.

Because of you, Polly’s legacy is alive and well. Our mission to make the world safe for children remains strong.

To secure the future of our mission, we need your help.

The Foundation relies solely on the generosity and goodwill of private donors like you. We receive no government money.

As you can imagine, the economic downturn has brought a dramatic drop in donations, while missing child caseloads continue to rise.  The challenges are great but our vision is clear and our resolve steadfast. 

We depend on folks like you to inspire our efforts to bring children home again.

Please donate as generously as you can. Today, click here.

Your donation enables us to be there for families who need us, and for the children who are waiting to be found. 

Parents never give up hope and neither do we.

Your support will ensure that the Polly Klaas® Foundation will be there.
For missing children and their families.
However long it takes.


Thanks for being part of our team. You help us turn hope into reality, every day of every year.

Families everywhere are counting on us and we’re counting on you. Please give generously today.

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The Polly Klaas Foundation helps find missing children, prevents children from going missing, and promotes laws like Amber Alert that help keep children safe.
We never share, loan or sell your personal information to anyone. The Polly Klaas® Foundation is a 501(C)(3) charitable organization. Donations are tax deductible.

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