The Polly Klaas Foundation is pleased to announce a new partnership with Sprint's Elite Wireless Group. Together we have developed a meaningful use for your old cell phones.


The way it works is easy:

Simply bring your old cell phone to Sprint by Elite's Petaluma location or mail to the Polly Klaas Foundation and Elite Wireless will donate the net value of your phone to the Polly Klaas Foundation. Its free and its easy!


This is a perfect partnership for so many reasons, including supporting a Petaluma-based national non-profit whose mission is keeping kids safe. It does not matter if your phone is a year old or five years old...or even older!! – EVERY phone has value regardless of age or condition and your donated phone will help support the Polly Klaas Foundation’s mission in making America Safe for All Children.

Thank you Elite Wireless Group for being a community leader and many thanks to the community for donating your old cell phones!